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CBD for diabetes

Diabetes mellitus is the collective term for various metabolic disorders. Mainly, it refers to chronic hyperglycemia, which is also commonly

CBD for depression

Lack of drive, inner emptiness, listlessness and sleep problems – unfortunately, many sufferers know these symptoms all too well. Thoughts

Slimming CBD

Many people with weight problems have usually already been through a long ordeal in their search for an effective diet.

CBD for gastritis

A feeling of pressure or burning in the stomach, which increases from day to day, unbearable abdominal pain up to

CBD for joint pain

In our affluent society, complaints such as joint pain in particular are widespread. Especially knee and shoulder joints or the

CBD for muscle pain

The human body has a total of more than 650 muscles. Together with the bones, joints, tendons and ligaments, they

CBD and aging

As more states have legalized marijuana in recent years and acceptance of medical cannabis has increased, more and more new

CBD and driving

In Germany, an increasing acceptance of cannabis can currently be observed. This development is also due to the increasing demand

CBD – Help with allergies

Temperatures are rising and nature is awakening. Spring marks the beginning of a very stressful time for many allergy sufferers,

Effect of CBD on cancer

Cancer is a disease that greatly affects not only the lives of patients, but also their loved ones. Chemotherapy, in

CBD as a natural sleep aid

More and more people have trouble sleeping. Many working people still push overtime in the evening or can not really

CBD cosmetics:

A well-groomed appearance provides, as we all know, for an aesthetic appearance. Already in the first seconds of a new

CBD for neurodermatitis

What is neurodermatitis? In medicine, atopic dermatitis (“neuro” stands for nerves and the term “dermatitis” for skin inflammation) is described

Can CBD relieve toothache?

Little research has been done on the use of cannabinoids in dentistry. However, research shows that CBD can treat toothache,