CBD as a natural alternative for stress

02.03.2022 |

How does the body react to stress?

Stress is omnipresent in our everyday lives. Up to a certain extent, it is not harmful to health, but provides a short-term increase in performance in the case of physical or mental stress. It is only when the body has no opportunity to relax and permanent stress develops that a health risk arises for body and soul. In principle, stress is not a disease in its own right, but it can trigger various diseases if it persists. A low stimulus threshold, the feeling of extreme tension and many different thoughts at the same time – this is how people experience stress, among other things. Long-lasting negative states of stress can result in physical symptoms such as headaches and stomach aches as well as permanent severe tension. However, they can also be of a psychological nature and manifest themselves in anxiety, aggressiveness, fatigue and sleep disturbances, and even serious illnesses.

CBD as a herbal alternative

Many affected individuals are therefore looking for a gentle remedy that combats stress in a natural way, supports the body’s resistance and provides inner balance and relaxation. In this context, CBD is increasingly recommended. The extract from the hemp plant moved more and more into focus in recent years and now enjoys great popularity. CBD is said to succeed in making more resistant to stress and to achieve a relaxed state.

Effect of CBD on stress

How can CBD help with stress? Cannabidiol can alleviate several symptoms and causes of stress at once, thereby helping the body to relax.

First, CBD’s calming effects can improve both daytime mood and sleep quality. Sleep disorders, anxiety, and stress can become a vicious cycle because they trigger and affect each other.

It can also reduce excessive secretion of stress hormones, making it possible to react in a much more relaxed manner in stressful situations.

Another mode of action of CBD concerns the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the human brain. Among other things, this system controls our feeling of happiness or emptiness, appetite and sleep, pain perception and also immune processes via serotonin production. It maintains the balance of the body’s reactions. When the ECS is disrupted by stress, we can become ill. CBD works with the ECS to help it maintain balance, thus the effects of chronic stress can be alleviated.

CBD as a natural stress killer

Our bodies themselves also produce cannabinoids to make us less sensitive to stress. These then inhibit the transmission of stress impulses. This makes you feel much more relaxed in stressful situations. At the same time, sleep quality also improves and nervous symptoms, such as increased blood pressure, are alleviated via the ECS. Especially in medicine, these effects are of great interest. That is why the effect of CBD is also constantly being researched.

However, cannabidiol should in no way be used as a “performance enhancement drug” to reduce stress to the point where we can work through the day and night. That is not how CBD works, nor is it a pure stress drug. It should accompany other methods -such as adequate and properly placed rest, regular exercise / sports, and a healthy diet. Under these conditions, CBD can alleviate stress-related symptoms.


Each person must discover their own method to avoid stress and live a more balanced life. CBD cannot eliminate the causes and problems that trigger stress, but it can positively influence them through some modes of action. Most notably, by interacting with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), CBD can help the body regulate the release of stress hormones. Thus, stress-related symptoms are reduced and the inner balance remains stable.

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