CBD – the gentle help for earaches

20.04.2022 | ,

Often people think of their own childhood experiences in connection with earaches, but even adults suffer from stabbing or pulsating pains in the ear from time to time, which can even affect the balance and tie those affected to bed. In many cases, inflammations and infections are responsible for the annoying discomfort, which is why an antibiotic is usually prescribed – but not everyone affected agrees with this. A herbal alternative is increasingly attracting the interest of patients: the hemp active ingredient CBC (cannabidiol) is said to have anti-inflammatory as well as pain-relieving properties.

Symptoms and causes of ear pain

The ears are among the most sensitive organs of the human body, because they contain a particularly large number of nerves that react to even minor irritations. Pain in this area can be extremely unpleasant for those affected. Symptoms range from stabbing and pulsating pain, sensitivity to touch in the ear, ringing in the ear and muffled hearing to fever, dizziness and nausea.

In many cases, bacterial infections or inflammation cause the pain, but a virus can also be the trigger, weakening the immune system. Especially in children, whose nasopharynx and middle ear are not yet fully developed, it is particularly easy for pathogens to spread. Sometimes, however, injuries or illnesses, such as tonsillitis, can also be the reason for the complaints. In the case of intense or prolonged ear pain, you should therefore see a doctor as soon as possible.

How can CBD be helpful for ear pain?

So far, evidence suggests that CBD can relieve acute and chronic pain and successfully inhibit inflammation by interacting with our body’s endocannabinoid system. In the case of an ear infection, this would be especially beneficial in supporting a faster recovery. In addition, cannabidiol is said to have a calming effect, which presumably promotes a good night’s sleep despite the discomfort, thereby positively supporting healing. Whether it’s a viral infection, middle ear infection, or other causes, CBD could be helpful in alleviating the uncomfortable symptoms, thereby improving well-being.

Even though CBD alone cannot always eliminate the causes of ear pain, the active ingredient could have a positive effect in many ways and help the body recover naturally.

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