Non-alcoholic cocktails with CBD

25.01.2022 |

When you’re drinking beer or gin tonic after work, the thought of your health can feel like a burden. Fortunately, there are many alternatives besides alcoholic beverages, but today we’re going to cover CBD- infused cocktails.


This non-alcoholic cocktail with CBD oil makes you feel relaxed with pure plant energy.
Anyone familiar with chemistry knows that oil and water don’t mix. Unless you add emulsifiers. In this formula, protein acts as a natural emulsifier that allows CBD oil to be mixed with liquid. You can also use honey or syrup as a natural emulsifier.

Ingredients for CuraFizz:

– 50ml non-alcoholic gin
– 25ml lemon juice (preferably freshly squeezed) – 25ml strawberry puree (or juice)
– 1 egg white
– 5 drops of CBD oil 10%
– Ice cubes


Add all ingredients except the ice cubes into the shaker.

Now shake vigorously for at least ten seconds. Then add the ice cubes and shake the drink again. Use a filter to pour the finished CuraFizz into a martini glass.


With some cocktails, it’s easy to forget things because of the variety of different ingredients. Daiquiri, however, is not one of them. It limits itself to the fewest ingredients, but scores best in taste. Especially when it comes to rum-based cocktails, Daiquiri is a classic. Due to its composition, the drink is sour. Usually, white rum is used. However, since the current selection of non-alcoholic alternatives is still limited, non-alcoholic rum from Fluère, for example, can be used.

Ingredients for CBDaiquiri:

– 50ml non-alcoholic rum – 30ml lime juice
– 20ml syrup
– 5 drops of CBD oil 10%

– Ice cubes


Add the non-alcoholic rum, lime juice, syrup and ice cubes into the shaker in that order. Now it’s time to shake vigorously!

Using a strainer, pour the finished non-alcoholic daiquiri into a pre-chilled cocktail bowl – or directly into any other glass you have on hand. Cocktails are served “straight” without ice. Finally, add the CBD oil. Simply drizzle over the cocktail as desired and you’re done – enjoy!

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