Anti-aging – fighting the signs of time with CBD

17.01.2022 | Uncategorized

Cannabidiol (CBD) has long been known as a very versatile plant substance. For example, CBD can support balance on a physical and psychological level and also provide regulatory support for the gastrointestinal and immune systems. Recent findings show that CBD can also be a potent anti-aging agent by stimulating cell renewal and thus protecting against premature skin aging.

CBD – the natural anti-aging kick

Although people are getting older, they definitely don’t want to look older and certainly don’t want to feel older. The main causes of aging skin – our largest organ – are the decrease of elastin, collagen, protein and hyaluron. The fatty tissue content of the skin also decreases as the sebaceous glands produce less fat. As a result, the skin becomes thinner, less elastic and drier.
In addition, there are other factors – internal as well as external, such as environmental influences, UV rays, poor eating habits, stress, weight fluctuations, genes as well as hormonal changes that contribute to skin aging. Some of these we can influence ourselves, but some we cannot, because aging is a natural process in a person’s life. However, with a healthy lifestyle on the one hand and proper skin care on the other, we can do a lot to powerfully counteract the premature anti-aging process.

The natural formula for success

Dermatologists and scientists worldwide are researching more and more beauty methods to slow down or successfully counteract the aging of the skin. But how can we effectively counteract the reduction of elasticity, collagen and moisture in the skin? Drastic measures such as Botox or even plastic surgery are popularly used to combat wrinkles. However, the output is often artificial and radiance is lost. What helps beyond Botox, lifts and fillers to keep the signs of premature aging at bay?
CBD products offer a natural alternative to Botox and co. for beautiful skin and can stop rapid aging processes, because cosmetics with the plant active ingredient CBD care for the skin in a completely natural way optimally and sustainably. Due to the rich mixture of anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, smoothing and regenerating ingredients, cannabidiol can become a beauty elixir from nature!

Prevention has a new name

Whether in the form of a cream, facial oil, fluid or serum, CBD has recently been increasingly cited as a success factor in natural anti-aging cosmetics. Increasing formation of wrinkles, light-induced skin damage, age spots or impurities – as they often occur during menopause – with all these phenomena, the ingredients contained in CBD can prove very helpful as repairing substances, as they can penetrate deep into the skin and act on cell regulation and regeneration.
When applied to the skin, CBD’s antioxidants can help reduce visible signs of aging. By counteracting free radical damage and visibly relieving inflammation, skin care with cannabidiol can also help reduce wrinkles, a sallow complexion, and redness.

In addition, CBD can:

* Energize damaged skin cells
Activate cellular metabolism

Promote cell renewal

Regulate the skin’s immune system
* regenerate skin damage caused by UV radiation

* increase moisture content
and protect collagen structures.

CBD can therefore be used in di
fferent ways to keep the skin healthy and to counteract skin aging.
A placebo-controlled study of 150 randomly selected subjects by PuHealthRX and the National Institute of Health (NIH) shows that a full-spectrum hemp CBD oil has a proven anti-aging effect on skin aging! Researchers also suggest that the balancing effects of CBD have other positive effects on the body’s endocannabinoid system. It is possible that cannabidiol also counteracts aging processes on many other levels. This connection is currently being investigated in detail in clinical studies.

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