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One day and a thousand appointments, lots of to-dos and always on the ball! All that matters is quantity rather than quality? Not with us! Because that wouldn't satisfy you in the long run.

A balanced inner balance, as well as physical well-being, are essential to maintain energy, happiness and focus in everyday life. AlphaPlant is a holistic health brand. We want to make people healthier and fitter in the long term with our high-quality soul food.

So that everyone can use their full potential – for better performance, deeper sleep and a higher energy level during the day.

All products meet the highest quality standards.

We use purely ecological ingredients and manufacture them from sustainable raw materials. The environment and the topic of sustainability are important to us. That is why all products are manufactured and processed in Switzerland. This results in short transport routes, production is guaranteed under fair working conditions and additional packaging of the individual products is avoided. Our manufacturing processes are 100% animal friendly.


is very important to us .

100% natural products

Our range of CBD cosmetics and our CBD oils contain 100% natural hemp extracts, the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes they contain, as well as other valuable minerals and vitamins.

Only the best from the hemp plant

Supported by experienced producers, developers and dermatologists, we use our products to get the best out of the handpicked hemp plants grown in Switzerland.

Our full spectrum CBD oil is based on organic coconut oil, which is obtained through a gentle extraction process. All products are bottled in Switzerland and regularly checked by independent laboratories. In this way we guarantee compliance with the EU directives, which means that our products are freely available for sale. In addition, our products are free from animal testing and vegan.

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