How CBD helps with Covid-19

Cannabis is becoming more and more important in the treatment of various diseases, and it is also attracting more and more attention during the corona virus pandemic.

For example, in Israel, the cannabis active ingredient is about to be approved and has also been used there against the corona virus for some time. Thus, CBD seems to be an effective therapy option for Covid-19 due to its anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving and also calming effect.

In Austria, too, cannabidiol has now been successfully used in covid patients. For example, patients are being successfully treated at the Klagenfurt Clinic. It was shown that the inflammation parameters in the blood decreased and the patients were able to leave the hospital earlier compared to the comparison group.

The mode of action of CBD

An important role is played by the interaction of the cannabinoid with the body’s own endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is part of the human nervous system. According to current knowledge, it has at least two different types of receptors that can bind both cannabinoids produced by the body and those supplied to it. Scientists suspect that the ECS has an influence on the regulation of various areas, such as the immune system, blood pressure, and the digestive system.

How CBD helps with Covid-19

Recent findings confirm that CBD may even have a positive impact on corona disease, potentially reducing its severity. On the one hand, CBD could inhibit two important receptors through which the virus enters the cell; on the other hand, CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties may mitigate the uncontrolled production of cytokines (messenger substances produced when the immune system reacts).

In October 2020, it was possible to read in the Deutsche Apotheker Zeitung that CBD also increases apelin levels. Apelin is an anti-inflammatory substance produced naturally in the body. Especially with strong inflammatory reactions, the level of apelin is usually considerably reduced. CBD can counteract this decrease.

Studies on the effect of CBD in Covid 19 were already taking place in Israel in April 2020. As a result, research there is also already more advanced and CBD will soon be approved for covid therapy, says the department head of intensive care medicine at Klagenfurt Hospital, where covid 19 patients are currently also treated with CBD. This is a promising approach to alleviating the symptoms of covid-19 disease and thus increasing the well-being of patients.

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