CBD – the “gentle booster” for the psyche

Keeping body and psyche in balance. 

Our psyche – the term comes from ancient Greek – is the system of human perception and thinking. It forms a unit with the body and is in constant exchange with it. Physical complaints have an effect on the mental state and vice versa: stress “hits the stomach”, fear “sits on our neck” or “goes to the kidneys”. When our inner balance gets out of whack, the consequences of this – such as sleep problems, mood swings or other symptoms of overwork – are unfortunately all too familiar to many of us. 

Mode of action of CBD 

CBD is now the talk of the town and the boom continues unabated, as confirmed by the countless testimonials from thoroughly satisfied users. Although official bodies still view the effect of CBD with skepticism, because the knowledge surrounding the research is still relatively young, this does not stop many people from taking advantage of the beneficial effect of the cannabidiol on the psyche. 

Although CBD, like the active ingredient THC, comes from the cannabis plant, it does not produce the typical state of intoxication nor is it addictive. On the contrary, it might even help people get away from addictions. The reason for this is that CBD acts on the so-called “endocannabinoid system” of the body. This has significant effects on our state of mind, because it regulates messenger substances such as serotonin or dopamine, for example. CBD oil can dock onto receptors in this system, sending stimuli to our brain and enhancing or weakening the effects of our body’s messengers. 

How CBD can support mental well-being. 

Stay calm with CBD 

If you find yourself unable to concentrate due to nervousness before an important appointment or exam, CBD could actually help. Increasingly, users are describing an anxiety-relieving effect of CBD. For example, a study in the Pharmacogenogics Journal described that CBD can provide relief from social anxiety. Participants had to give a public lecture and then rate how high their anxiety level was while doing so. Those who had received CBD beforehand were significantly more relaxed. 

Relaxed sleep through CBC 

If counting sheep isn’t enough to help you fall asleep and stay asleep through the night in a relaxed manner, CBD may also show promise in treating sleep disorders due to its calming effects. Sleep is an important component that has significant effects on our mental health and well-being. CBD can support a relaxed sleep so that we can perform at our best in everyday life. 

Inflammatory processes put a strain on the psyche – here’s how CBD can help 

Constant pain causes stress, makes people physically tense and thus affects the lives of those affected. As a result, the psyche also suffers considerably. CBD can have an anti-inflammatory effect and thus reduce pain, which can subsequently have a positive impact on our emotional life. As a result, cannabidiol not only provides patients with physical relief, but also helps the psyche to regenerate and stabilize. 

Conclusion: Supporting mental balance with CBD 

Those who can rarely relax properly and are constantly under power will jeopardize their health in the long run. In addition, a relaxed life significantly increases the subjective well-being, in contrast to an everyday life under constant stress. CBD can have a balancing effect on our emotional life, providing peace and relaxation. Furthermore, it is possible that CBD increases the quality of sleep by helping with both falling asleep and staying asleep. During a healthy sleep, the subconscious mind can optimally process the events of the day. 

A healthy psyche is always connected to a healthy body. Constant inflammation and pain affect life enormously. Here, too, it is possible that CBD provides relief and thus ensures relaxation and an increased sense of well-being, which can ultimately also have a positive effect on our emotional life. 

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