Cooperation and product feedback from professional boxer Mansur “Goldenboy” Elsaev

In this blog as well as in future articles we would like to draw your attention to our current sponsorships and cooperations with top athletes who have benefited from our products and have been able to give feedback on them after extensive testing.

Our top athlete Mansur “Goldenboy” Elsaev is on the best way to climb the world ranking list of boxers and to fight his way up rapidly. Also in his last fight he managed to defeat his opponent easily.

Mansur is not only WBC Asia champion, but also fourteenth in the weight class “lightheavyweight” of the WBC world rankings and currently represented in the boxrec ranking at number 25.

Competitive athlete Elsaev confirmed in an interview after using our CBD product “CBD Relax” during his last fight: “To perform optimally, I also need to regenerate optimally and the best way to do that is with Alphaplant Relax.”

He himself sees CBD oil as a relevant supplement for athletes and also notices a noticeable improvement in sleep quality.

Dozens of studies on athletes, who are under high physical and psychological stress, confirm the positive effect of cannabinoids on the body and general well-being.

“Especially for athletes, recovery is enormously important, because success in the ring is the result of the many details that are emphasized in training and preparation.”

We at Alphaplant Distributions are excited to see what success Mansur Elsaev will achieve in the future and wish you, “Mr. Goldenboy”, from the bottom of our hearts the best for your further career, physical performance and health!

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