NFL superstar Rob Gronkowski’s return to the league with help from CBD

When American football star Rob Gronkowski announced his retirement from the NFL in March 2019 for health reasons, many doubted that the then 29-year-old “Gronk” would ever return to the league. The tight end justified his retirement from professional sports with his many injuries: Herniated discs, back surgery, arm fractures, a ruptured cruciate ligament and a pulmonary contusion – the pro was physically at the end of his rope after eight NFL seasons at just 29 years old.

“Gronks” return to the NFL thanks to CBD

After taking a year off, Gronk was surprisingly ready to return to hard sports. The three-time Super Bowl champion said he was pain-free for the first time in ten years, had found a “new way.” Gronkowski was referring to the CBD treatment that helped him get back to playing soccer.

He believes that “CBD products have changed his life,” and he would have been glad to have been introduced to CBD earlier because it made a “big difference” in treating his pain.

Gronk went on to say that after nine seasons in the NFL and nine surgeries, he is “pain-free” for the first time in more than a decade, and is convinced that CBD has helped him. It is so effective, he believes, that it allowed him to return to the NFL after a season off.

Harvard Medical School reports that many athletes use CBD to relieve chronic pain, and the European Journal of Pain also says the substance, when applied to the skin, could help reduce pain and inflammation.

Great Success for Many Athletes – NFL Legalized CBD

For a short time now, CBD is no longer on the list of banned substances in the NFL, and many athletes have since been taking the cannabidiol as a “healthier” painkiller alternative. Just one month after this rule change, which Gronk and other stars had repeatedly demanded, his signing with the “Bucs” may follow. Because now Gronk can relieve his physical pain with CBD in good conscience without being suspended for it.

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