Performance enhancement in sports with CBD

Rarely has an active ingredient attracted as much attention as CBD in recent years. Sales of CBD products are increasing rapidly – the industry is experiencing a real hype!

Meanwhile, the extract from the hemp plant is officially used for the treatment and relief of various diseases. According to recent studies, CBD can also improve athletic performance.

Processes of performance enhancement

When intense training or in competitions stresses the body beyond the usual level, the smallest inflammation and damage can occur in the muscles and joints. Even a simple muscle ache is one of the complaints that can be caused by sports. If the pain is too great, it stops the athlete from exercising, either out of reason or because pain has a demotivating effect on our state of mind. Therefore, effective recovery is as important as an optimally designed training plan. It is common knowledge that muscles do not grow and become more powerful during training, but only afterwards during the recovery phase. In this phase between training sessions, fat loss is also accelerated. In order to accomplish this, the body must also repair the minor damage that occurred during exercise. Cannabidiol accelerates all these processes and the athlete benefits more from the training. This effect is additionally reinforced by the increased motivation that results from the feeling of well-being.

Faster regeneration with CBD

Those who practice sports can be confronted with injuries or other complaints that can arise from overuse of the muscles or joints. CBD can make recovery periods more effective and thus shorten them. This allows athletes to do more workouts in a shorter period of time.

Based on studies, science believes that CBD regulates the balance of the body’s cannabinoids. Based on the results of these studies, CBD can cause pain relief on the one hand by interacting with the endocannabinoid system, and on the other hand, it is said to optimize sleep – after a restful night, the body is ready again for the next training session. Additionally, CBD can also deal with inflammation more effectively. All these modes of action promote a good regeneration of the body after sports and thus increase the well-being and motivation.

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