• Premium (CBD) products for body and mind
  • Discover the power of the “Alphaplant” all-round carefree package
  • Promotion of complete well-being
  • Wellness revolution
  • Holistic relaxation
  • Ultimate stress relief
  • Deep sleep guaranteed
  • Radiant skin care – even for demanding skinNatural vitality
  • Energy booster

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Wake up relaxed

Moisture booster for the skin

support your cells

variety of vitamins


We proudly present our “Complete Essentials Package” – a true paradise for those who want to experience the best of Alphaplant in a single package!

The “Complete Essentials Package” consists of:

  • 1x CBD RELAX (10%)
  • 1x CBD SLEEP (20%)
  • 1x CBD SLEEP+ (10% + Melatonin)
  • 1x SKINPOWER (CBD-Face serum)
  • 1x DAYSHIELD (CBD-Face cream)
  • 1x EYECATCHER (CBD-Eye cream)
  • 1x RECOVER (CBD-Hand cream)
  • 1x AP ENERGIZE (Essential vitamins and minerals)
  • 1x AP VITACAPS (Vitamin D3 and K2)
  • 1x ALPHADOPE √° 24 cans (Energy drink)

Imagine being able to take every aspect of your life to a whole new level – and that’s exactly what our Complete Essentials Package offers you! In this comprehensive package you will find all the treasures Alphaplant has to offer, in their purest and most effective form.

Relaxation and serenity are important to you? With our CBD oil Relax (10%) you can calm your mind and leave the tension of everyday life behind. Say goodbye to sleepless nights with our CBD oil Sleep (20%), which helps you to achieve a deep and restful sleep. Combine these two powers with CBD Oil Sleep + for the ultimate in sleep support.

Your beauty is as important to us as it is to you. Our unique combination of Eyecatcher, Recover and Dayshield leaves your skin glowing with a healthy radiance. Give your skin the power of Skinpower to nourish and care for it.

And that’s not all! For energy and vitality, we offer our highly effective products AP Energize, AP Vitacaps and the refreshing energy drink “Alphadope”, which will get you through the day with positive energy.

What makes our Complete Essentials Package so unique is the outstanding quality of our products. At Alphaplant, we know that only the best is good enough. That’s why all our CBD products are made from premium cultivated hemp plants. We use gentle extraction methods to ensure that the valuable ingredients are preserved and you can use the full potential of the plant.

Discover the true power of nature with our Complete Essentials Package and enjoy all the benefits of a carefully selected range of products. It’s time to enrich your life and take comprehensive care of your well-being.

Your body and mind will thank you. Quality has a name – Alphaplant!


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