• High-quality system care with the entire cosmetics range
  • Includes face serum, face cream, eye cream & hand cream
  • Moisturizing, targeted, anti-inflammatory
  • CBD incorporated in all products
  • Suitable for all skin types

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The Cosmetics Test Kit is a compilation of our full set consisting of all 4 high quality CBD cosmetic products.

Included are

  • 1x AlphaPlant SKINPOWER
  • 1x AlphaPlant DAYSHIELD
  • 1x AlphaPlant EYECATCHER
  • 1x AlphaPlant RECOVER

The set is not only for testing all products, but also for using the products like a system care, in order to provide your skin areas with optimal care and to achieve the maximum possible improvement of certain areas. Starting with the serum, you get the opportunity to refresh your face. The salicylic acid it contains has an anti-inflammatory effect and the hyaluronic acid it contains tightens your skin. Afterwards, as the name suggests, you can use the AlphaPlant Dayshield cream, which moisturizes your skin and provides it with optimal care throughout the day. For tired eyes and a better look provides the AlphaPlant Eyecatcher. This reduces eye wrinkles, improves skin elasticity and makes your eye areas radiant. Last but not least, you can now use a very effective hand cream. Especially for dry hands or colder temperatures, this works great, but also for other skin types, the AlphaPlant Recover cream allows a velvety soft skin feeling, absorbs quickly and soothes skin irritations.

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