Cannabis legalization in Germany: When is smoking cannabis legal?

For some people it’s a youth sin, for others it’s a way of life: we’re talking about marijuana consumption. So far, you can only get this drug in Germany on a doctor’s prescription if
you have a seriously diagnosed illness. Otherwise, private consumption is prohibited – which is not surprising. After all, the active ingredient THC contained in the cannabis plant falls within the scope of the “Narcotics Act” and becomes psychologically effective when taken more frequently. But with the union of the new federal government of SPD, Greens and Liberal Democrats, the so-called traffic light alliance (Ampelkoalition), the negative image of the green plant products should change. In their agreement, the parties of the new federal government have legalized cannabis as a means of consumption. In this article you will learn what this means for you and your CBD enjoyment.

What is the current status of cannabis legalization in Germany?

From the beginning, there has been a heated discussion about the legalization of CBD
products in the joint agreement of governmental organizers. However, CBD hash, CBD oil,
or CBD weed/flowers that are currently legal to purchase contain only a small amount of
THC. This has no psychological effects, but it does allow you to develop your own
beneficial properties. On the other hand, medical products may have a higher THC content. Of course, this does not mean that only people with a prescription for marijuana
consume it. The German Cannabis Association estimates the illegally procured amount at 200 to 400 tons per year. A few years ago, other countries legalized the use of cannabis plant products. Germany is one of the latecomers here. But let’s look at the current state of affairs: The traffic light coalition hopes to allow the sale of “weed” for consumption to individuals through controlled and licensed stores in the future. Where did the change of heart come from? Legalization will allow both parties to better control the quality of the products, preventing the transfer of potentially contaminated substances. This is not only good for you, but also good for Germany. The state collects additional business tax, sales tax and income tax from the sale of weed. In addition, according to current estimates, the legalization of cannabis will create around 27,000 new jobs. With the elimination of private cannabis possession enforcement, enforcement and court costs have also decreased.
That sounds like a win-win situation for everyone involved.

When will marijuana be legalized in Germany?

The topic of “draft legislation” has been included in the alliance agreement, but its
implementation will still take time. The exact timetable has not yet been determined. On
average, it also takes about 175 days for German legislative changes to take effect. If the relevant draft legislation is available in spring 2022, the new cannabis law can be passed
in parliament at that time. If this is the case, you will be able to legally consume marijuana
as early as this fall. According to trade media interviews, German cannabis supplier
Demecan is more likely to legalize in early 2023.

Is there a deadline for legalization?

First, the concluded alliance agreement stipulates that the legalization period of marijuana
will be four years. Then, the lessons learned during this time will be evaluated and the
social impact will be reviewed. Special attention will be paid to appropriate marketing activities by retailers during this period. The previous regulations that applied to tobacco
and alcohol products will also apply to cannabis from the time of legalization and will be strengthened for the protection of minors. In addition, children, adolescents and pregnant women should be made more aware of the effects of drug use, regardless of the type. If the results are positive at the end of the four years, legalization can be extended or even indefinitely, so you can always enjoy your cannabis products legally in the future.

Can I buy other cannabinoid-containing products now?

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